MJ Rock

MJ Rock” a Hip Hop / R&B / Rap Artist out of Lithonia, Ga is a lrycist that finally decided to Persue his musical career at 16 years old in a friends house recording in a closet using AudCity and a mike off of Amazon. At 5 years old he was playing the drums for a big church in Lithonia, Ga. The rapper never took it serious but always loved to rap and make music. At 16 he started rapping with a church rap grew but as the years passed the drive was not there to continue. Fast forwarding years after he started to freestyle and write down lyrics and began to want to be heard . He then went off to college off of a highschool track scholarship in Paine College for a year and soon dropped out of college due to school credidation issues. At 19 years old after being kicked out of my moms house he begin to go to a studio in a garage through his friend (His cousin) . He began to make songs and alarmed the people listening to it so he then began to take music seriously and really make it a lifestyle . He then was introduced by his now manager (Bausini) to Muscle Jam Music LLC.


J.W.T.M.T.D has been changed to ”Concrete”


MJ ROCK newly signed to Muscle Jam Music is taking his hip-hop lyrics to another level. He is working day in day out so he can dig deep to create great music for his future music projects. ”Concrete” and will be hitting the scenes August 2018. New single “Fear Factor” video was released in Feb 2017. “Fear Factor”  song is on a new Horror film “Til Death” Directed and written by Jeffery Williams and he is also playing a role in the movie. Great things to come with newly signed MJ ROCK.


Newly signed Artist MJ-B also known as Jaden Broussard was a young boy from Houston Texas desiring a for a dream to follow. It all began growing up in a family full of musicians. He would go to his grandma’s house and would be inspired to freestyle with his young cousin Gavin known as BSN Gavo. That was the spark for his love for rap. Most holiday’s he would visit his aunt and uncle in Atlanta, an Independent Record label called “Muscle Jam Music.’  He would work on his music and made fun video’s just to see if his love for music was real, ”he was fulfilled,” he said. One special day, his uncle called his mom to discuss MJ-B, she told him about how much he had been talking about his love for music and wanted to do something about it. She had been thinking about how she could support her son’s career in music to the fullest.  She called MJ-B in the room and asked him if he wanted to live with his aunt and uncle in Atlanta so he could pursue his music and he said, ”yes.” Ever since he had been interested in rap. His focus has been to pursue his dreams in music, perfect his skills, make money and take care of my family. This 15 year old is on his way to the next level. He writes music as if he is a veteran to the game, writing rap lyrics to r&b lyrics. Follow him, see how talented he is and watch his growth in the upcoming years. He is beyond his time.