Unleashed Mixtape Release June 30th on all social media platforms and Mixtape platforms.

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These guys have been working very hard and long nights to prove to the masses they have what it takes to be in mainstream music. In the studio they work very well together, so they decided to do this mixtape. Unleashed mixtape is their first mixtape release and they have much more to come. This mixtape is fire and everyone needs to hear it. They have all different types of sounds using popular producers in the music game. July 2018 MJ-B will be releasing a mixtape called ”Prejudice.” He wants to show off his writing skills expressing what is going on in society. He was inspired by the current events of today. MJ Rock will be releasing his EP in August 2018 called ”Concrete.” They have a story to tell and are having fun creating while telling it.They are ready for the world to hear their talent. Honestly these guys are the next best thing in the making. Watch out for MJ Rock & MJ-B.


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