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Our Vision

Is to create amazing, high quality sound music, that moves the soul and take entertainment to the next level. Our goal is to always evolve and expand in the world of music and entertainment..

Our Story

Muscle Jam Music was founded by husband and wife.  Garry Brown Jr aka (Gsarg Beatz) President and Dasha Brown CEO. Garry is an Engineer, songwriter, producer, cinematographer and Dasha Brown is a recording engineer, songwriter, producer cinematographer and photographer. When the two meet, it was music at first sight. They both had a long history of music pondering in their lives,  along with art and entertainment, both dreaming of being part of something big in their music careers.  Music has always been a priority for them. Over the years they have produced hundreds of songs, has worked with numerous artist and has been dedicating countless amount of time to make their dreams come true. Working with the artist inspired them to create their own record label. The name Muscle Jam Music sparked from a mixtape song they were working on one day called “Monster Jam.” Muscle Jam Music’s dream is now a reality, working with artist from all over making their dreams realities.

Muscle Jam Music Crew

Muscle Jam Music has a wonderful team. We come together as a team to get music done amazingly. CEO, President Manager and Artist  Artist all play the role of much more than our title. We produce, write engineer, media and more. We enjoy coming together to create something great!

Dasha Brown

Dasha Brown

Founder & CEO

Married to Garry Brown is a woman who loves to create music. She has been driven into the life of music since the age of 4, by ear playing the piano, then onto baritone and trumpet. Music stuck in her head reminding her she was going do something great with music one day. After realizing her gift in music she began producing music and never looked back. She fell in love with mixing different elements of sounds together. She has only wants to be apart of making great music.

Garry Brown (Gsarg Beatz)

Garry Brown

Founder & President

Garry Brown has a family history in the music industry. His mother Anna Boney Brown a talented gospel singer, pianist, vocal coach and songwriter, his father a well known bass player, sisters Dana Brown and Tiffany Brown (singers) are doing very well in the gospel and R&B and brother MC Beezy (rapper) is doing very welll in his career. As you can see music is in his family blood. Music is all he knows…


Nkosi Harlow-Sampson


Nkosi started as a rapper and producer. His love for music has allowed him to help others follow their dreams. He manages all of MjM artist, taking them to the next level.

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